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A very special thanks for the collaboration and support goes to
Dennis and Eric Heyse from www.spencerhilldb.de.

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Many thanks to Katalin Anna Wegscheider for the hungarian translation of the website.
About this website
The site is managed by the BudSpencerOfficial.com workgroup. The aim of this working group is to provide an official contact point for interested people and fans of Bud Spencer. Although it is our desire to provide the information in multiple languages, unfortunately this is not always possible.
We remain at your disposal for information and / or details and wish you a pleasant visit of the site. You can contact us through our Facebook channel (Bud Spencer Official / www.facebook.com/budspencerofficial).

Credits / Data origin
For the Filmography contents some remote text and information contents have been used:
English version: IMDb (www.imdb.com) and Wikipedia (www.wikipedia.org)
Italian version: Wikipedia (www.wikipedia.org)
German version: SPENCER/HILL Datenbank (www.spencerhilldb.de). Thanks to Dennis and Eric Heyse.

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