Episode 13: God forgives, i don't
13 - God forgives, i don't
12 - When I met Terence
11 - The beginning of the couple
10 - Actor by mistake
9 - Back in Rome and I get married
8 - I go to the Olympics
7 - Working with the Natives
6 - I leave to Venezuela
5 - I quit my diet!
4 - I try to start a diet
3 - Mangio... ergo sum!
2 - A champion is born...
1 - The childhood of Carlo Pedersoli
0 - Teaser
Bud Spencer Official Shop
Bulldozer 63
Bambino & Trinity / They Call Me Trinity
Who Finds a Friend Finds a Treasure
Trinity Is Still My Name
Old School Heroes
Old School Heroes
Bud Spencer Highlights
Trinity: Good Guys and Bad Guys
Double Trouble
Go for It
Banana Joe
Buddy Goes West
Who Finds a Friend Finds a Treasure
Everything Happens to Me
Flatfoot in Egypt
The Sheriff and the Satellite Kid
I'm for the Hippopotamus
They called him Bulldozer
Flatfoot in Africa
Odds and Evens
Crime Busters
Soldier of Fortune
Flatfoot in Hong Kong
The Two Missionaries
Watch Out, We're Mad
The Knock Out Cop
Even Angels Eat Beans
A Reason to Live, a Reason to Die
All the Way Boys!
Trinity Is Still My Name
Blackie the Pirate
They Call Me Trinity
The 5 Man Army
Ace High
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